Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gah!!!  8 months!!!  8 months and I promised to be back soon!
Well here I worse for the wear....
Many things have happened which I guess I will get to...
Today though is about just rambling on my current state of mind

It's not good

See I have slight OCD.....but I also have something going on physically that makes me exhausted ALL the I need to lie down immediatly exhausted....
I do my best to keep up with the house and the kids and the schedule but man it is SO hard!

We moved into a new house a little over a year ago....and while it has good bones....there are so many things that need to be done to make it ours....and so little time and money to
do those things.  Add to that all the boxes that still need to be
unpacked and all the piles and piles of stuff....
Who knew we could accululate so much stuff~!

I try week after week, day after day to chisel away at is all but it impossible with 3 kids pretty much following me around and wrecking what I do.
I am not near hoarder level but I can honestly see how it gets as bad as it does on that show.....minus the filth, that I don't get at ALL!  Gross!
But the not being able to get rid of things.....both my DH and I are pack rats.....I am an emotional one, if the kids touched it or even loved it I feel like I can't get rid of it....and my DH feels like if we paid for it we have to keep it and use is, somehow, someway.....

Today is the first day of that coming to an end.....we are purging and selling and cleaning and doing......I am exhausted just thinking of all that needs to be done....thankfully this is a 4 day weekend and my DH has taken the two days following off so that we have 6 days to get it done!

Wish me luck....this is the first day of the rest of my nice and organized, stress free life!
I pinky promise I will be back to share some cute things that have happened over the last 8 months....including my baby bugs 5th birthday carnival!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 13, 2012


So I just started taking pictures using my sons iphone and using the
instagram program.....I LOVE retro pictures and this APP has many different
settings that you can use on the picture you take.....I am going to try to link up with Jeannett at
this is a little look into our week

On Sunday I went to a Stampin Up class where we made mini albums...
I had never tried this before but think they are super cute to make.....
I ran out of time rounding up pictures to bring so I plan to fill it later....I am going to fill it using all the photos from our past Christmas cards....I think I may have to make one each for each child and put their newborn pictures in it!
What can I say about this???  This is my little sweetie making her Boo Boo face!
Why???  Because she likes to and it makes me laugh! :)
Bedtime and my girl is holding our baby yorkie hostage!  She loves this
little man so very much....she is as I type dressing him up
in princess garb!  This is before his much needed haircut....I hate that I can't see his eyes!
Oh there they are!  Chocolate baby browns!  This little guy melts my heart!  He loves to so tolerant when my girl hugs him super close or dresses him up....and runs crazy with my boys....he is
the best addition we could have asked for our family!
Want to link up?  Look for Jeannett's blog

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall is in Full Swing

So the leaves are all off the trees and the air is chilly!
Today my daughter and I made a simple craft to
decorate our front door.....A Paper Bag Turkey
She was so excited when she got home from school and all the supplies were out to make this!
She cut out all the parts except for the feathers! 
All we used were two paper bags taped together and cut out a circle
Brown construction paper for the body
Construction paper for the waddle, feet, nose and eyes
Oak tag from the dollar store (50 cents a sheet) cut into strips and then trimmed

We had enough feathers left over that tomorrow she wants me to make her a turkey costume to wear on Thanksgiving!  This kid will wear a costume for anything!  LOL

We decorated our door as Frankenstein for Halloween
Guess I am going to have to figure out what to make for Christmas huh? 

What child friendly crafts are you making this holiday season?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A long and crazy summer....

Hello everyone!  Finally fall is here and maybe just maybe
my insane life can get back to normal!

This past summer has been filled with incredible highs and devastating lows....
The summer started off great....we bought a new house and were looking forward
to swimming in our new pool.....
my daughter was cast in her first ever theater production...
The Wizard of a Munchkin in the Lullaby League!
Yes she wore all the book version all the Munchkins wear blue~!
She did the first 4 weeks of the summer show, they triple cast the Munchkins....
It was a wonderful time for both of us....getting to see her perform on the same stage
that I worked on while pregnant with her brought
so much joy and happiness to my heart.
I was so excited to share my love of theater with her and she seemed to love

Then the bad stuff father got sick in the beginning of July and it eventually turned into a massive blood infection that would take his life on July 23rd......
laying my father to rest was one of the most painful things I have ever had to do....
I have always been a Daddy's girl and knowing that he would
not get to see my children grow up just about broke my heart....
I am just ever so grateful that they were all old enough to know and love him.....and most important of all
remember him
Two weeks after my Fathers funeral I had surgery.  I had been suffering from
extreme anemia and they found that I had a giant fibroid in my uterus that had to go....
so it did!  I have finally started to feel human again after 3 months......needless to say
all the bad things delayed most of our unpacking as I was in no mood or condition to do
any of here we are with the winter snows already
upon us and finally starting to get things done around here......

I hope to have some projects to share with you soon.....we are decorating our daughters
new bedroom and I am making her a vanity and a
dress up cabinet from an old dresser
......found that one on pinterest.....

Do you Pinterest?  It is fast becoming my new obsession....I will NEVER have enough hours in my LIFE to make all the things I have pinned!  LOL

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exciting Happenings Here!

Long time no write!
Going to try super hard to do better....I know I know
you have heard it before...but I really do try!  LOL

So there are many things going on here right now! 
First things first...I won my very first online giveaway!
Jill over at Made it on Monday had a sweet giveaway a few weeks ago
and I WON!  She is making me a tourquise
If you get a moment stop over to her blog and check out all her wonderful ideas....she
also has a shop where you can buy one of her necklaces and other
beautiful creations!

In other news.....we sold out house!!!  We have had it on the market since September and
we were honestly convinced that we were not going to be able to sell it,
and we began planning a remodel to make it what
we needed it to be....low and sold just as we
were giving up hope!

And.....we just bought a house!  It took almost a month but we finally found a house that feels cozy and warm and where we think we can make great has an
inground pool!  This is something I have wanted my whole life!  I can't wait
to swim and float all summer long! Here is a picture of our sweet little cottage
and my new watery bliss

It has a wonderful big yard for lots of playing, a huge garage for all the "MAN"
things that go on here and cozy nooks for all of us
to find our peace!

Anything exciting happening in your worlds?

More exciting news in my next post about my little girl!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Everything in Threes I Guess???

So they say everything happens in threes....I am really starting to believe that!
We got a new puppy this past February....I know
CRAZY!!  But we had lost our beloved Pookie
in December of 09 and we were finally ready to
love again....into our lives came Teddy...
He is a little 3.5 pound love!
Well Friday when the boys got home from school, they were
on the lawn playing catch with a friend...the friend
overthrew the ball to Jack.....and poor Teddy...
He got hit in the head!!!!  FREAK OUT does not even begin to describe
how I reacted.....Husband calmed us all down, took him to the vet...
and after some doggie aspirin and a very long
worrisome night Teddy is right as rain!
We are so thankful....this made me realize how very
special he has become to me....and while he will
never be Pookie he is our baby and we
love him just as dearly!!!

Tomorrow begins our school Spring break and I am so glad
not to have to worry about homework, getting up early or going to bed on time
We are going to spend the whole week doing crafts, cleaning the basement,
bike riding and just hanging out!  I cannot wait!
Have a wonderful week everyone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stick a Fork in Me!

Ok seriously.....I am freaking done...stick a fork in me!

I have been sick and tired since September....just when I thought I was feeling better
I started to feel like I was sliding back....
I am getting more tired and dizzy again....I have moved my next Dr appointment from the 25th to tomorrow....I need to know what is happening....

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD.....they recommend and IEP...
that is an individualized education plan
through the special ed department at the school......
which because of his very high standardized test scores he does not qualify for...
SO.....we are back to square one with a kid
that hates school, is failing two classes, cries when he has homework, loses his homework when he does do it!  So how does this kid not qualify I ask you
Because he scores high on two tests....  ARRGH!

Then to top it all off I found out today that my dad has cancer and they
now need to see if it has dad
who was in ICU for 10 MONTHS after a small surgery that was
supposed to only be a 3 day dad
who lost so much weight that he looked dad who was in a rehab
for too many months to dad who has to be on dialysis for the rest of his life 3 days a
week because his kidneys don't work anymore and he is too
old and too sick to qualify for a question much more can MY DAD
take? Worst part is I live out of state
and I can't be with him every minute....trying to set up a time
when we can go and visit him before I have
my own surgery and can't travel for who knows how long :(

Sorry this post is a downer.....but I am just so tired....and worn out with it all....wish I could
be like Sleeping Beauty and wake up and everything is joyful and happy!