Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where to start?

So this is my first EVER blog post and I am not even sure that anyone will read it. That's ok, I need to get things off my mind and this is more convenient then keeping a journal. A little about me....I am an almost 41 year old, SAHM of 3 wonderful kids. Two boys ages 10 and 8 and a little princess girl age 2. I used to be a teacher in my former life and realize now that I have no patience for other peoples children....I know that sounds mean, but honestly I use up everything I have right here at home. I truly love doing all the things in mommyhood....tea parties, cupcake baking, laundry, crafts and school projects.....I just wish that I had more time and energy and money to things just the way I would like.

So last Thursday my husband was laid off. I am totally FREAKED! Not so much that he has no job, but by how it is upsetting him. This man is a hard worker and I know that he will find another job, or jobs...and that I too can get a job. He is so worried with the market like it is that we will be living in a tent, or worse with my mother! We of course talked this out with the boys. We felt they needed to know that things were going to have to change for a while, perhaps a LONG while. So the other night my oldest son JP goes to Boy Scouts and calls during the meeting to ask if he can go on the $8 camping trip that weekend with the Troop. We said of course, I hung up and saw that my husband had tears in his eyes. He was so upset that my son had to worry about this.... one of the many many reasons that I love this man. So things around here have to change, which won't be easy. My husband has had it cush by working at home 3-4 times a week...anything he finds now will surely require him to go everyday. It was fun while it lasted...we were spoiled....ok I was spoiled...but we will adjust. I will also from this point on have to learn how to spend less money on, well....pretty much everything. I hate to say this but I was the girl who never looked at prices, at least not usually. That has come to an abrupt halt and let me say it sucks! I realize that we have had it so much easier then alot of people in this world and I totally took it for granted. I will not be making that mistake again.

So we will meal plan in advance, based on the sale flyer, spaghetti is my new best friend. I will still try to lose weight. With no room for extras, like chips and ice cream, I am thinking the weight is just going to fly off! I am pruning our belongings to have a huge yard sale as soon as it gets warm. I have already decided that this is the summer we go TV free. I know ,I know easier said then done, but honestly I watch way too much TV anyway, as do my kids, so this might not be a bad thing. It's weird when we you realize how much you really can live without.

So that's it, that is where I am right now. I felt sort of smug last week....we really thought his job was safe.....murphy's law in action is the first day of our new lives. I know we will be ok as long as we are matter where this takes us

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