Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Unplugged Staycation

Ok so last Sunday we decided that we were going to be pretty much electronics free for the week. We would check email, as that is the main way several people contact us, and we would watch a movie here and there but other then that, no TV, no computers and no video games. Following is the brief journal that I kept druing our little experiment!

Monday July 20th 2009

Well it’s day one of the no electronics and already Jack is driving me MAD! He is the main reason I felt we had to do this. The child spends way too much time indoors and while I don’t want to force him to go outside….he really needs to. So the morning started off with us running late, as usual, for the first day of Vacation Bible School. We had never done this before but heard great things about it from friends and since it was free we thought why not. Well as soon as we dropped the boys off I told my husband….”Jack is going to quit this the second he gets home…he will say they make us sing and dance and there is NO WAY I am doing that!” Well guess what I was right and he does not want to go back. Oh well at least he tried. James thought it was fun and his friend is there so he will go back. While they were at camp I got to work on ridding Emma of TV time….we played dolls, did puzzles, read 5 books several times each, made block towers that she kicked down, she helped daddy stack wood in the yard, and she rooted out toys from the depths of the basement, that had not seen the light of day since the boys were little….Fisher Price Farm house…. The boys home we all had lunch and it was off to bed for Miss EmmaAnnie B called and invited the boys up to swim….and now they are back playing wiffle ball in the yard…so far Jack is doing ok without his plugged-in entertainment….hopefully the rest of the week is this easy….though I doubt it will be.....

Wednesday July 22, 2009

Day 3 of our little experiment and things are looking up. For the first time ever, Jack said to James instead of the other way around “ James want to play outside?” OUTSIDE!!!! OMG we are making progress. They stayed outside all day and into the dark of the night catching fireflies for their baby sister and playing wiffle ball. I could not be more thrilled. James continues on with VBS (vacation bible school) and actually asks to listen to the CD of Christian music they handed out on the first day. They will have a little show at the end where they will sing several of these songs, and he actually LIKES them. He has always been a very spiritual boy and this makes me happy.I went out tonight to see a show and the kids went with hubby for a bike ride. I saw “Anything Goes”….and it should have gone…far far away!…nuff said….the only good part was my friend the tap dancing/ singer who was amazing as always. Had a nice night out afterward despite the fact that when I got back to my car the battery was dead. These two really nice older men ( who were with their wives ;) helped me jump the battery and we were on our way to some delicious food at UNO!! YUM!!!

Thursday July 23, 2009

So today we decided that in addition to swimming at the lake we would take our bike riding on a high adventure and do the bike paths at Ordiorne Point in Rye, NH. Ok, so to say this was one of the worst days of my life would NOT be an exaggeration! OMG we took a wrong turn off the cement bike path and ended up in HELL!!! Yes HELL!! We got onto a hiking trail, not a bike trail, which was littered with very large bumpy roots, huge rocks, overhanging branches that slap you in the face and head as you try to ride by, sloggy mud rivers and sand….oh the sand….have you ever tried to pedal a bike in deep sand? Well let me tell you, it SUCKS!!! What should have taken us 30 minutes had us out in the woods for over and hour…did I mention that it was getting darker and darker the farther into the woods we went? I haven’t cursed that much in a looooong time! We eventually found the correct path back to our car…I have never been happier to see a minivan in my life! The only good part was when we came out on the beach and got to rest in the breeze free of the horrible bugs and collect shells. After my torture ice cream was in order~! I should have gone with my gut and stayed home with book 2 of the Twilight series in my flannel jammies with a cup of tea…..I will not make that mistake again!

Friday July 24, 2009

Well it is the last day of our little experiment and it has been great. I realized that I do not need to be connected at all times. I read 3 books ( including Twilight, which I thought I would hate but LOVED) and countless magazines and newspaper articles this week. We played too many games to count including but not limited to: Jenga, Battleship, Picture Link, Poker, Memory, 20 Questions…..the list is endless. We went on countless bike rides, swam at the lake, built branch shelters in our yard, hunted snakes ( ok I didn’t do this but the boys did), played wiffle ball ( the boys were amazed at my batting skill), painting, playdohing, reading and spending a lot of time just being together. I loved this week, and despite their initial resistance so did the boys. We are all determined to spend less time plugged in and more time doing creative things together. All in all this has been a wonderful week and I highly recommend unplugging your family and taking an electronics free staycation!

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