Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hindsight is 20/20

           Recently I find myself wishing that I knew when I first got married what I know now.  That something isn't better because it is new.  That all your furniture does not have to match.  That there is something to be said for all white walls.  When my darling boy and I got married I HAD to have new matchy matchy I wish I had taken my time and gone thrifting and antiquing.....I liked things dark....dark wood, dark I want to have everything in my house painted white and cover the rest with florals ala Laura Ashley and Rachel Ashwell....shabby chic is my go to.....but how do you get your Shabby Chic on when your walls are hunter green, red and deep sage green.....I HATE my walls!  But with 3 children under the age of 12, one not even 3 yet....dark is better at hiding a multitude of sins is it not?  Should I do one room at a time or just so hog wild and paint it all white at once?  BTW my darling is NOT amused that I want to change all this....lets just say he does not care for doing the painting and he won't let me ( I am not the neatest painter in the world) .....would it be wrong to paint one little room and surprise him with my skill????  :)

       I read so many wonderful blogs where ppl all around the country go thrifting and find the most amazing things....WHERE I ask you do you do this?  Salvation Army?  Good will?  Yard Sales?  I went antiquing with a friend this past weekend and got a super cute lamp with a Victorian couple as the grandmother Lily had this exact same lamp.  Oh the thrill when it was only $5!!!  I have wanted a lamp like this for years....all it needs is a new cute shade.  Looking at it sitting on my dresser just makes me happy and makes me feel as if my grandma is watching over me.  Oh how I miss her!  Back to my shopping....the antique stores were wonderful but OH so overpriced!  I was very fortunate to find my little find.  Most of the things I wanted were just not in the price range I wanted to pay.  So my plan is to try yard sales and flea markets once the spring thaw comes. 

Approaching 42 soon has me contemplating how I want to spend the second half of my life.....and how I can make my surroundings what I want them and need them to be. 

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