Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have many obsessions, but the current one is Tilda by Tone Finnanger.....I stumbled upon these wonderful books and projects on my new favorite blog, Faeire Nuff......I am hooked!  I have ordered 3 of her books and wish more then anything that I lived in England so I could buy her fabrics and other things!  I want to run out to Lowes and get paint enough for all the rooms in my house to have white walls.  I want my books NOW!!!!  I did my little Em's hair as I imagine Tilda would....

My other obsession is my little girls hair and all the lovely things that I can put in it!  Currently Pleated Poppies by Lindsey Cheney are a favorite!  I wish I could afford to have one in every color!  My very crafty sister in law just sent this adorable headband with our favorite, the ladybug!

We have requested a purple butterfly and a bumble bee to complete her collection!  Thank you Jaime!

I guess my biggest issue with both these obsessions is my lack of energy.  I recently started taking iron and vitamin D supplements and that is really helping.  I just need to get up and do it.  I used to do crafts of all sorts before the babies came and I truly want to get back into doing that.  I have weaned myself off television and now I have to get off the FaceCrack....aka FaceBook!   I am going to get on with it all tomorrow!

I joined a quilt along on another blog and have only gotten to the part where you cut your material...the others are on the step where you machine quilt the top.  Thankfully it is all there on her blog and you can take your time but that fabric is just staring me in the face....mocking me!  LOL  I have saved all of Emma's baby dresses and want to make a quilt out of them but until I have some practice under my belt I don't dare cut them up!

So what are your obsessions of the moment?


  1. Your little ones hair is very pretty, I'm loving the Tilda look. Like you my current obsession is Tilda and also decluttering and shabby the house. I hope your quilt along goes well, and you get the crafting bug back. xx Pixie xx

  2. Thank you Pixie...and thank you for being my lone follower! LOL I have the bug now I just have to DO it! Loads of times I am out and see something that I say to myself "When I get home...." and then I get home and the kids need me, or the baby needs a nap and I fall asleep with her.....I am getting there though...