Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away......

So WOW I have 2 followers now!  I am super excited!  Thank you Pink Feather! Welcome and I hope I don't disappoint!

It is raining cats and dogs as I write this and we are super worried that the basement is going to flood.....AGAIN!  The last time
it flooded I had just had Emma and we had just remodeled to make it a 
wonderful playroom for the boys.  Needless to say
we had to rip up all the flooring, carpeting and cut some of the walls off so they would not get moldy.  It was man spent HOURS sucking the water up with the shop vac and I could 
not help as I was recovering from a c-section.  I am praying right now that it does not flood again as this time the floor is covered from stem to stern with boxes of things for a yard sale. 

On the upside for today I got my first TILDA book in the mail!!  Sew Pretty Home... WHoo hoo!!!  So many wonderful things I don't know where to start!  I am trying to pick the perfect thing to make for Pixie's
swap so I may wait until my next two books arrive, shortly.  In the meantime
my friend and I are going to the fabric shop tomorrow if this rain lets up!  Can't wait!

Ok well that's all for now....the lights are flickering and we may lose power with the high winds!  We lost them around 8pm for a few minutes and Miss Emma and I were
in the hallway upstairs and I thought I had gone blind for a second!  I was so scared she was going to fall down the stairs!


  1. I hope the weather eases up and you don't get flooded, that must be such a worry. I'm glad one of your books have turned up, hopefully the others will be along soon. Have fun at the fabric shop, I'm so jealous :o) I love fabric shopping, its one of my favorite things to do. xxx Pixie xxx

  2. Thanks pixie! We did fine! The electric came on Saturday...only one casualty and I will write about that humans or pets though!

    Got another book in the mail and bought some sweet fabrics too!

  3. sew pretty home is such a lovely book. i have considered buying it a couple of times, but money is just too tight. hopefully you will post some pics of what you create! :)

  4. I am having such a hard time deciding what to make, but I think I finally have....I will definetly post some pictures when I am done....I am doing a swap on Pixiedusts board so I mustn't spoil the surprise yet! But I think it will be quite cute!