Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's in a name?

First off...Much thanks to pixiedust for my first ever comment! LOL I love your blog and once I figure out this whole blogging thing I plan to link up so others may find you as well!

Soooo here is the quandry I find myself in....I love my ladybug design but don't love my blogs name! I use MamaBug or some version of that wherever I post I really wanted to somehow marry those two things together when starting this little blog. I am thinking that no one will read it anyway so the name does not matter. However what if I become super duper famous and EVERYONE knows the name of it??? See my problem? So IF anyone is reading and would like to give me some ideas that would be great. The other issue is I have no idea what this blog will ultimately BE about. Me, my kids, crafting, complaining.....I just don't know at this point. It's alot to think about when choosing the name of your blog because I don't want to have to change it later....and I want to love it now but all the names I have chosen that I DO love are already taken which totally sucks!

Anyway, so I lie awake and think of a name. I am going to try to post here more and use it to journal myself. Hopefully I will see a pattern and thus stuble upon a name for myself!

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  1. Hi, So glad your getting to grips with your blog. I'll look forward to following your blog posts. Can't wait for the Tilda Swap. xxx Pixie xxx