Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crafting weekend.....

        So this past weekend was the first of Spring and WOW was it really here!  It was almost 70 degrees and sunny....we threw open the windows, wore short sleeves and well quite frankly I felt wonderful.  I truly think I must have not enough Vitamin D and that is why I am always so tired!  This weekend I was a whirling dervish!  I cleaned, I sewed, I played.....hardly any time on the computer, which made hubby happy! :)

          So the boys and I had a lovely weekend making projects.....I made up my things for the Tilda swap as I HAD to get it in the mail Monday....happy to say I did it! I haven't sewn in years and maybe it wasn't the best idea to start on a project for someone else???  However I think what I made was very sweet and cute, and I have already started on the same set for myself/daughter..... I also made up some sweet boxes for a Handmade Pass it on from FaceBook, first time making jewlery,earrings to be exact.....sent those off Monday as well and everyone recieved them today and like them very much, much to my delight!  My little one decided that she too wanted a "project" so she took out a whole ton of batteries, screwdrivers and tried to take apart her little piano.  When asked what she was doing she replied...." It's my project, I TOLD you"  Okey dokey then!

        James was working on his Egypt project for school.  He made two different pyramids, one from foam blocks and one from clay.  He also made a tool of wood, twine and metal.  He worked in the garage with my hubby banging away having a grand old time for himself.  I will add pictures of that tomorrow.   He did such a wonderful job on the crafting part and his 4 page paper ( tpyed but still)......we are so very proud of him....6th grade has been very difficult and challenging for him and his ADD does not help.  He has worked very hard despite his challenges. 

    Jack was bent low over James all weekend trying to be of some help in the projects.....I went out and got them more foam blocks so when they don't have school they can make something is so nice to see them hunched up together, making a plan.....

So what did you do this weekend?

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