Thursday, March 11, 2010

Interesting week thus far!

                      So this week is so very strange......good at times and just gross at others.  The first great news is that my hubby found a new job!!!  He is soooo happy!  If you have read from the beginning you might recall that he had lost his job in May but found another in Sept....however he really does not like where he is working.  He had to take a huge pay cut, the commute can be up to 2 hours each way and he is bored out of his mind!  He has been looking soooo hard to find something new and finally his hard work has paid off!  He is giving his notice next week and he is practially dancing around the house!

Another great thing that happened last night is that the school budget, which includes 10 million dollars to fix our school, which is crumbling around us, was passed.  This renovation has been voted on over and over every year in the 10 years since we moved here.  FINALLY!  The issues will be fixed and our kids and teachers will have a safe and healthy place to go each day!

Now for the gross part.....I found out that one of my sons teachers is having an affair with another students mother, who also works at the school.  Both are married, both are now seperated...nuff said....disgusting!  Apparently everyone at the school knows.....isn't there some kind of morals clause to make sure this type of thing doesn't happen?  I am beside myself with anger even though it has nothing to do with me.  I feel sooo badly for the wronged spouses and really bad for the kids. 

Lets end this post on a good note!  Last night my little girl didn't sleep well, which means neither did I.  She was up all night with a stuffy nose and leg pain.  We took a nap together around 1pm, I got up at 3pm to see that the boys got off the bus ok.  She slept for.............6 hours!!!!!  Anyway, the great part is that instead of waking up cranky which I totally expected, she was in major cuddle mode!  She wanted me, daddy, and brothers.....she wanted us all in the bed hugging and flippin sweet!!!  She is a dream baby and we are all head over heels in love with her.  We took a self portait.....hoping you all are having interesting, exciting, wonderful weeks!

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