Friday, March 12, 2010

So thankful.....

As I sit here watching my boys out the window getting ready to go off to school I am just feeling very thankful and blessed.  We had a great, nice, calm morning.  Something that does not happen often in our hussle bussle lives. 
So many things take up our time that it is hard to just sit and realize how truly lucky one is.  I have 3 truly amazing kids. They love us and each other and well who could ask for more?
  My oldest is dear to me because he was my first.  For four long years I prayed, wished and hoped for him....he is truly a miracle.  He is one of the kindest, gentlest souls I have ever met.  He can break my heart with a smile.  He is so good to his little sister.  And while he and his brother fight he loves him just as fiercely.  He has a wildly creative imagination, loves to run wild outside, works hard on the things he loves, and wants to help people.  He is such a good kid and I can't believe how quickly he is growing up....seems like just yesterday he was born and all my dreams were realized. 
 My middle boy is special to me because he "gets" me, looks like me, loves all the things I love and is my mini me in almost every way.  He was and still is the calmest child.  He has the sweetest, softest cheeks that I love to kiss.  He is ALL boy, from his stinky feet to his dirty fingernails.  He is  little professor and wears the glasses to go with it!  :)   He also loves his brother and sister so much and while not as emotional as my oldest, when you get a squeeze or hug from him, it is worth the wait.  There is nothing like his laugh or the accents he day I hope he realizes his thespian and singing potential...something I love to do and would love to share with him
And finally my little dear to my heart because she is my last and she is everything I could have dreamed of for myself but didn't know I wanted or needed in a little girl.  She is sweet, funny, sassy, sour, gorgeous and loving.  Her brothers are her favorite people.  She is my little shadow and delights in cooking anything, even just boiling water for mac and cheese.  We put on our aprons and get to work.  She loves to sing, dance, twirl, paint, jump, hop....well you get it, the list is endless.  I was convinced when I was pregnant with her that I was having my third son and I was thrilled with that....I could not have been more surprised when she was born....and my love of all things girly and pink could be realized and acted on!  LOL  My husband used to say it looked like a pepto bismol bottle exploded in our home!
So today I am just feeling thankful, for my husband, my children, our home, our health....and well pretty much everything!

What are you thankful for today?

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