Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Victims of the added

 So we have survived the store....thanks to that quick thinking of my man!  He and my two boys were out in the pours of rain making a trench to direct the rains away from the house and by god it worked!!!  See what happens is there is still ice around the house and thus the rain has no where to run but IN the house...the trench kept out basement and it's million boxes dry and safe!  Thank you my lovely boys!

We had no power from Thursday evening, right after my last post until Saturday night......honestly we didn't even mind.  We thankfully have a generator so we could shower, eat and keep the fridge running.  We lit candles, played games and savored the nothingness for a change.  One week last summer we went electronics free and it was one of the best weeks of our lives......we may have to tell the boys we lost power more often!

There was one victim of the power sweet outgoing message on my answering machine with my littest bug speaking in her little baby voice.  I was going to record it before changing it but well the storm had other ideas!  Today we made a new one all with Miss Em....very cute but I still mourn the loss of her very first message :(

Another almost victim was my washing realize I have been DYING to get the new front loading when my dear man told me that he broke the washer trying to spin out soaked towels and clothing using only the generator for power....well first I was delighted that I had not broken the machine myself because I KNOW he would have accused me of doing it on purpose to get the lovely side by side red models I wanted....and second....giddy with the thought of any new washer!  However my man being a manly man took a week and half but..... he got that dang machine taken apart, found the burnt out part and fixed the darn thing.....dreams of my new washer dashed!  It was just not meant to be!  LOL

So here I sit with not one, not two but 5 baskets of laundry to do.  I took a picture of it and will try to add it to this post once I upload them.  I dread having to fold it all but it is always so nice to have things all clean, and tucked away neatly!

Here it is:  Laundry Mountain!

Lastly thank you to Joanne for becoming my 3rd follower!!!  Things are looking up!


  1. I'm glad the storm didn't do any damage. It must have been a worry. Thats a bummer about your washer, your husband sounds like mine. I've broken the kitchen sink today, so I expect he's not too happy with me :o(

  2. Yes we were very relieved especially because we want to sell this house soon. Yes my hubby is very handy, which I know is a good thing and money is better spent then on a washer only I would see....I have been doing the wash since he fixed the machine Tuesday I have to fold it all! YIKES!

  3. I am glad that you didn't have to much damage from the storm, but I had to laugh at the laundry picture. That is what mine looks like every weekend. I work during the week and it is to hard to do the laundry when I get home, so every Sunday is laundry day and my pile is at least that big! I would love the front load also, but my husband is also to handy for his own good, lol