Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Fling!

Well here we are! 
 I am so bad about posting on this blog but I am conflicted on exactly what it should be about???  I don't do enough crafts to make it a craft I have decided that I will just post every Sunday or more often if the inspiration strikes!  I have met so many wonderful woman on blogs and learned so many new and wonderful I will be sharing that as well....

So things here have been good but super busy.
  The hubby started a new job about 7 weeks ago and while he loves it, it's taking getting used to the new hours for all of us!  My oldest son James got braces!  The first few days were miserable and he cried at night time with the pain but I am happy to report he is over the hump and feeling well.  I will post a pic of that pics on this laptop!   We celebrated Em's 3rd birthday twice!  One with a Perfectly Purple-tastic Party and then again with 3 of her little friends at Chuckie Cheese ( for those who don't know what that it is a place with a giant mouse, pizza and arcade games and rides....parents hate love it!).  We are now in the planning stages for the boys parties...more on that later! 

I am trying to gather things to start crafting.....since having the boys and then Em, I have fallen off the crafty wagon and would dearly love to get back on.  I recently participated in a lovely swap with some ladies from the UK and it got me super motivated to do this again.  I am planning to join another of Pixiedust's swaps...this time all things strawberry!  NO idea what I am going to make yet but am going to start looking into things this week.  If you are interested in receiving some strawberry lovelies click HERE to learn more!

I also read another lovely blog called Lolly Chops....she had a whole week where she showed tutorials on how to make different colored and different material flowers......SO inspiring!  My favorite flower required that I get a die cut machine.....after buying/opening and not being about to return the first cutter because it was too small for the dies I needed........I finally bought the Sizzix Big Shot on ebay and the die at Michael's and made these lovelies!

Isn't that flower just so wonderful!  If you are interested in learning how to make these.....and many others for yourself or as HERE

Lastly I would love some ideas on my sons upcoming parties.  Jack is turning 10 so we are having a:
Double Digit Sports Spectacular
I found this amazing candy table HERE  and I MUST have this for the party!  I will be doing it the same rainbow colors.....other then that I have no ideas....we are planning to have things set up for football....and street hockey.....I need idea on decorations other then this table and what food to serve????
Then we will be have James 12th Birthday in July
Wacky Water Wars!
Where we will have the same candy table set up....there will be two teams of kids in matching colored bandannas, making a team flag that they must protect.  Each child will be asked to bring a water gun....we will have slip and slide, water balloons, box forts to hide in, a safe sprinkler zone and possibly a giant inflatable water slide if I can locate one!  So I need again decoration ideas, a cake theme? and snacks to eat for real!  Forgot to add that I am also looking for ideas for both parties for good, inexpensive favor bags!

Well I guess that is all for this week.  I will try and post this week to show you the lovelies I got in pixie's swap....lucky me SHE was my partner and she made me the most beautiful doll!  Totally spoiled me!  We have decided to become across the pond pen pals.....Have a lovely Monday all!

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  1. Oh goody! It turns out that I'll be in Pixiedust's Strawberry swap too! I think I have a plan about what to make, but I need to shop for some other strawberry trinkets and treasures. I'll be checking gift shops as well as antique shops to find some unique items.