Monday, June 21, 2010

Cooking somethin up!

Well it has been rainy and cold all this week so I decided to make some soup...
Butternut Bisque to be exact.  I see how bloggers show the things they make
so this is my first attempt
Here are all the ingredients!

And this is my very loved recipe from a is a copy
of a recipe from Taste of Home magazine....don't you love that one!

Here is is simmering in the pan....this really does not take long to make, the
most time is spent chopping the veggies up.
I like to chop everything as small as possible
this way it is easier at the end when you blend it all together

And finally the finished product

YUM!  I have to say that I like it blended smooth in the blender.  That
is how I usually make it.  However this time I got a deal
for $5 on a large food processor ( I have a mini one that is no lie 16 years old and still kicking) so I
thought I would go all Food Network and use the new one to blend it.  
Have to say it was too gritty for my if you want it nice and smooth use,a blender.

I know I promised to blog more and I haven't done that.  I do want to get
into the habit so I will be trying harder.  Now that school is almost out
I will have more free time not worrying about homework, scouts, and such.

Last a little story of my girl.  As I was on the phone with my sister in law Jaime, my little girl asked me:
"Where does Aunt Jaime live?"
"NY" I say
" Where does Abby (my niece) live?"
"NY" I say....
" Where does Uncle James live?"
" Ummmm... yeah, NY" I say...
" Where do I live?" she asks
"New England" I say
" Awwww! I want to live in NY!"

Very cute!  She misses her cousins so much and wants to see them all the time, but
they all live out of state.  Thankfully this summer we will be seeing all of them
to celebrate my dads 75th birthday!

Summer is coming can you feel it?

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