Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Musing or two....or three

 Well it is rainy and gloomy here but I have been quite productive while the girl sleeps
Usually I like to nap with her, but I have
been staying up WAY too late so I did some laundry instead....I am such a good June Cleaver today!

So we are looking to move....what a process....getting your house in
order to put it up for sale.  Looking for properties that have all the things you need AND want in them
And then worrying that taking your kids out of the school they know, but you hate
is a really bad idea.  I am so torn.  Do we stay in this town and move to
another house that better fits out needs and just suck up the school issues
Or so we move to a home we will love, we hate this house and neighborhood,
but then have our kids possibly struggle to fit in.  They are both great kids
But kids can be cruel and I don't want them to suffer because we picked the wrong house
the first time out and now we are trying to fix that.

Still don't have a car for my husband...which means I have basically been a prisoner in my own
home for the last two weeks.  Have to say that is getting REALLY old!
I hope that he can find something that he likes and is in our
price range soon.  The insurance company is trying to low ball
us with the settlement, not giving us enough to pay off the loan.
We have only had this car for 6 not happy about that!
And then of course we now have a crack in the windshield of my van and that has a $100 deductible!  I feel like the money is just flying out of here and not on anything good or fun!

Summer time is rolling in and that mean free movies!  Don't know if you all know about this but Regal Cinemas has been doing this since 1991.  It's called Free Family Film Festival and it is great.  Any age can go, but get there early because it is PACKED!  I plan to take the kids to every movie I can.
Each theater that participates shows different movies...some that they are showing are The Fantastic Mr Fox, The Tale of Tale of Despereaux and Ice Age just for starters! Movies start around the end
of June and we can't wait!

I know I had more to share but can't think of it now!  My brain is just not what it used to be!  Have a wonderful weekend!  We are in binge/purge mode trying to get ready for a huge yard sale....I MUST have order back in my house before I lose my marbles!  How do you approach a yard sale? 


  1. Hi MamaBug, Please contact me by e-mail. I have some details to discuss with you privately about our strawberry swap. First, I have some questions about preferences of colors. I have already guessed you like black red and white. Second, I am also trying to understand if you like a mondern look or vintage look. Third, we also need to swap addresses for sending our goodies!