Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beginning of a Bad Day.......

So many things are a happening here!
This day has not had the best start....
First one of our baby chicks died last night...she has been sick and we
did everything we could.  We sat up late, holding her feeding her droppers of water...bundling her up ....... but the poor little thing..... she passed last night.
Telling my 3yr old was the worst

Then I get up and my coffee maker goes all over the counter, grinds in the pot,
and only half I am now in the process of cleaning it out to
see if it's clogged.  One run through of vinegar, then one cold run through and then
hopefully a nice fresh pot!  I NEED my coffee or
I cannot function.

So my strawberry swap is winging it's way to Wisconsin as
I type this.  I finally decided on something and got to work....can't wait for her to see it!
I am also going to attempt for the first time a pillowcase dress for my little girl.  I got the cutest
aquarium fabric.  We are going to Mystic Aquarium in a few weeks and I thought a cute little dress with matching fabric hair flowers would be adorable!  I will post these as soon as I make them,
which will hopefully be this weekend.

The kids are out of school and I am still without a car after my husbands accident.  First the insurance
company was low balling us on the settlement.  They weren't giving us enough to pay
off the rest of the loan on the car, the car we only had for 6 months.  My husband
finally got them to pay off the loan.  My question is how many people settle for the first offer from the insurance companies?  So for 5 weeks now no car for me....he can't decide on what he wants and then of course we don't want to take another loan looking looking looking!  I am done with the looking!  PLEASE pick something soon honey!

My niece is coming soon for a week long visit!  We are so excited!  We are calling Camp Aunt Michele!  I just mailed her a "brochure" for the "camp".....we have so many fun things planned.....I just hope the weather cooperates!

Off to check the coffee maker....PRAYING it is working now or I don't know how I am going to
get through this day....I can barely keep my eyes open!

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