Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fairy Fun...

Well I like to start early on my kids parties....Em will turn 4 in April and I have been thinking
on her party for a while now...of course kids change the things they like, but for now we are going to have
a Purple Pixie Party....or a Woodland Fairy theme...
I decided on this and then ran across this post on Face Book
A woman named Kate Landers has a blog and she is a party stylist....and her Fairy theme is out of this world!  Right now she is having a giveaway to win one of two prizes that were featured at the party.
Here is a link if you want to enter...and even if you don't you MUST check out her is
so inspiring!

I am really hoping to win the little fairy outfit for my Emma!  She would look amazing and since she
wants to be a fairy for Halloween we would get great use out of it!

So today what really got me going on this fairy kick was that Em and I and the boys went into our woods and made a little fairy house.
Here is a picture of the house....I think it looks better in person, but I will try to get a better shot later

She really had a load of fun making this and so did I....we are going to make more...hopefully stronger ones that will stay....I fear this one is a bit rickety and may fall overnight.  The boys even helped by getting up the moss...Here are my love bugs with the house:

I have been crafting up a storm lately....more posts to come on that soon!  I also need to post pictures of my lovely swap from Kathy!  Need to figure out how to make a smile box!

Finally here is one last fairy themed party that is SUPER inspiring to me!  I am SO going to make that tree centerpiece...with my hubby's help of course!  LOL

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