Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th and an Update on my Swap

I am happy to report that my swap has arrived safely with Kathy of
I am so glad that she liked all the things that I picked for her.  She has
posted a sweet little smile box video of the things I sent if you are interestedd in seeing them.  Just click the link to her blog to check that out.  It was only my second online swap
and it was very fun!  I am tempted to join another one for Christmas ornaments in July???

Happy 4th of July!!!  What are your plans for this coming weekend?
We have been invited to a friends house on the lake for a block party type shindig.....there will be boating, tubing, water skiing, BBQ and fireworks over the lake.  I am baking some cute patriotic cupcakes which I will share later when they are done.  Then on Sunday my oldest goes off to Scout camp for a will be very quiet around here without him.
And I will of course be worried sick the whole time.  He is a good, kind smart kid who makes
good choices...but he is small in stature and I do worry about the kids who are

I have several fun things coming up soon.  We are going to Mystic and I am working on a dress for Miss Em to wear...then my niece is coming to "Camp" here and then it's my dad 75th birthday celebration!  Alot to look forward to this summer!

Again have a wonderful and save 4th no matter where you are!

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  1. I planted the seeds from the strawberry grow kit and they have sprouted already. They have the tiniest little first leaves! As they get bigger, I'm planning to transplant them to my herb pot that has pockets.