Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A hurt boy.....

So JP got hurt today at the soccer game, football for you in England :) 
Some kid totally kicked his legs our from under him on purpose
he fell to the ground and hurt his knee.
It is a bit swollen and he could not really walk on it.
Hoping that tomorrow he is feeling better to go to school
There is another game tomorrow but he will be sitting it out more then likely....he is devastated...he worked so hard to get on this team and to get injured after only the
third game....he will be heartbroken!

I am feeling a bit under the weather today....need more sleep and I just can't get it...
When I do lie down early something always gets me up and up
throughout the night.  The nights I have no disturbances....I got to bed after
midnight!  Go figure!

We have a family wedding on 10/10/10....Miss E is the flower girl
and I am VERY excited!  Hoping to get all the last things we need for this thing tomorrow.
Boys need shoes, I need a complete outfit, and we need to figure out how much money to give...
I love weddings and I love that I can dance with hubby and the boys!

Off to bed with the little girl...she is a bit stuffy too....we all need to get more sleep!

Can you believe 3 posts in one week!  Holy Smokes I am on a roll!!!  LOL

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