Monday, September 27, 2010

A treat and some sweets!

So lets start with the sweets shall we!

So I found a great new blog that has tons of delicious looking recipes!
Her name is Ree Drummond and you must check her out!
So I first found her when someone else posted a link to some
Chocolate Chip Cookie Sweet Rolls....yes OMG!
I got all the ingredients and FINALLY last night I made them....
They are to....die....for!
Here they are before going in the oven...

This is the icing for them when they come out

This is them covered in said icing before we attacked!

And this is what the insides look like....

Told you!  Now here is the link to the must let me know if you try it...they are like a zillion calories each but TOTALLY worth every one!

Now on to the treats!

My new friend Pixie who lives in England blogs about her love of all things Cath Kidston..
so I had to find out what this was all about...being the nosey bugger that I am!
Well sadly I am now hooked but since the shipping from England is a whopper I
must pace myself!  I got the catalog and picked out a few pretties that
I really HAD to have!  Here are they are:

Aren't they gorgeous!  I forget the names of the patterns but I love them!  I just got a new
catalog and want oh so many things!  They have actual STORES in England....I want to go
over there SO bad! 

Well that is all for today....It is going on 10pm and I am wiped....running today to the orthodontist with JP, then home to clean with Miss to pick JP up from soccer practice, then run both boys
off for hockey practice....then of course dinner, baths and bed....stick a fork in me I am done!
Night ladies!


  1. Oh wow do those buns look good! hahahaha


  2. Those rolls do look delicious! I think I've seen something similar at a Taste of Home Cooking show. Love your new Cath Kidston items you have picked out. Her fabrics are lovely too. Have to let you know, I use my strawberry juice glass and pedestal coffee mug nearly daily! It cheers me up when I have my morning beverages!