Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stick a Fork in Me!

Ok seriously.....I am freaking done...stick a fork in me!

I have been sick and tired since September....just when I thought I was feeling better
I started to feel like I was sliding back....
I am getting more tired and dizzy again....I have moved my next Dr appointment from the 25th to tomorrow....I need to know what is happening....

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD.....they recommend and IEP...
that is an individualized education plan
through the special ed department at the school......
which because of his very high standardized test scores he does not qualify for...
SO.....we are back to square one with a kid
that hates school, is failing two classes, cries when he has homework, loses his homework when he does do it!  So how does this kid not qualify I ask you
Because he scores high on two tests....  ARRGH!

Then to top it all off I found out today that my dad has cancer and they
now need to see if it has dad
who was in ICU for 10 MONTHS after a small surgery that was
supposed to only be a 3 day dad
who lost so much weight that he looked dad who was in a rehab
for too many months to dad who has to be on dialysis for the rest of his life 3 days a
week because his kidneys don't work anymore and he is too
old and too sick to qualify for a question much more can MY DAD
take? Worst part is I live out of state
and I can't be with him every minute....trying to set up a time
when we can go and visit him before I have
my own surgery and can't travel for who knows how long :(

Sorry this post is a downer.....but I am just so tired....and worn out with it all....wish I could
be like Sleeping Beauty and wake up and everything is joyful and happy!

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