Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exciting Happenings Here!

Long time no write!
Going to try super hard to do better....I know I know
you have heard it before...but I really do try!  LOL

So there are many things going on here right now! 
First things first...I won my very first online giveaway!
Jill over at Made it on Monday had a sweet giveaway a few weeks ago
and I WON!  She is making me a tourquise
If you get a moment stop over to her blog and check out all her wonderful ideas....she
also has a shop where you can buy one of her necklaces and other
beautiful creations!

In other news.....we sold out house!!!  We have had it on the market since September and
we were honestly convinced that we were not going to be able to sell it,
and we began planning a remodel to make it what
we needed it to be....low and sold just as we
were giving up hope!

And.....we just bought a house!  It took almost a month but we finally found a house that feels cozy and warm and where we think we can make great has an
inground pool!  This is something I have wanted my whole life!  I can't wait
to swim and float all summer long! Here is a picture of our sweet little cottage
and my new watery bliss

It has a wonderful big yard for lots of playing, a huge garage for all the "MAN"
things that go on here and cozy nooks for all of us
to find our peace!

Anything exciting happening in your worlds?

More exciting news in my next post about my little girl!

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