Friday, January 13, 2012


So I just started taking pictures using my sons iphone and using the
instagram program.....I LOVE retro pictures and this APP has many different
settings that you can use on the picture you take.....I am going to try to link up with Jeannett at
this is a little look into our week

On Sunday I went to a Stampin Up class where we made mini albums...
I had never tried this before but think they are super cute to make.....
I ran out of time rounding up pictures to bring so I plan to fill it later....I am going to fill it using all the photos from our past Christmas cards....I think I may have to make one each for each child and put their newborn pictures in it!
What can I say about this???  This is my little sweetie making her Boo Boo face!
Why???  Because she likes to and it makes me laugh! :)
Bedtime and my girl is holding our baby yorkie hostage!  She loves this
little man so very much....she is as I type dressing him up
in princess garb!  This is before his much needed haircut....I hate that I can't see his eyes!
Oh there they are!  Chocolate baby browns!  This little guy melts my heart!  He loves to so tolerant when my girl hugs him super close or dresses him up....and runs crazy with my boys....he is
the best addition we could have asked for our family!
Want to link up?  Look for Jeannett's blog

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Cute family! I have three too! Your yorkie is adorable!

  2. Cute techniques for your photos to make them seem like those polaroids. The mini albums must be fun to fill and I bet they don't take to long. I've got 5th graders this year and we've been doing full size scrapbook pages. We manage to make one every 8 weeks.